In the world of insurance claims, there are many factors that contribute to how a claim is handled and the type of service provided. Regardless of the type of coverage that is involved, adjusters need to utilize both a quantitative and qualitative approach to their claims auditing repertoire. Too often claims are focused only on the quantitative details, which sometimes do not paint an entirely accurate portrait of the particular claim. 

While the numbers, hard facts and timelines are extremely important, they should work hand in hand with the other details of the particular claim. For example, just listening to the claimant about the situation that happened can lead to many other details that may have been missed by just looking at hard data. 

The job of the adjuster consists of investigation, inspection and evaluation of the claim. A successful claim file will reflect that the adjuster has taken into account all details associated with the claim and every aspect has been assessed. At Northern Adjusters we believe that accuracy and attention to detail is what makes our company stand out from competitors. Adjusters must be careful not to miss any details and our extensive experience has given us the know-how and the insight needed to successfully operate an efficient claims handling program while working through the challenging terrain of Alaska.

It is through our dedication to our customers, and our industry that we use our experience and skills to accurately investigate each and every claim. This includes our claims auditing services. We provide high-level solutions that fit our customer’s needs. We don’t just audit a sample of claim files, we conduct a needs-based, customized solution at a gold standard level. This process enables us to use our findings, observations, and recommendations to offer a stronger and more complete program that will ultimately help reduce claims costs and loss adjustment expenses. 

While leveraging our decades of experience, our claim architects are committed to helping you navigate the path towards successful claims resolution through a partnership and continuing education. Whether you are looking to create a comprehensive claims service or educate your team on best practices through speaking engagements or company seminars, let Northern Adjusters consulting services get you the results you need. Contact us today to learn more


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